Exterior Details


Exterior Simplicity



On insert units, exterior stop covers provide a clean transition from new window to old window casing.  It’s a simple look that helps the new window blend into the home’s exterior.

The exterior frame kerf also accepts aluminum coil wrapping.

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Woodwright double-hung insert window makes weatherproofing easy.  Exterior stop covers are packaged with the window and help protext the window seal.

These covers come in lengths roughly equivalent to the unit size.


Original Appearance

Multiple sill angles on insert units provide a better fit and a clean exterior appearance that requires less time and trouble to finish and seal.  Unlike most other insert windows, no extra trim piece is needed at the sill – maintaining a more original look.

Existing sill angles can be exactly measured to match the Woodwright insert/replacement available sill angles of 0, 8 and 14 degree.